Online casino slots are additional well-liked now than they’ve ever been, and there are lots of different developers with broad catalogues to dip into and experiment the waters. In this blog, we’re attractive a seem at Malta-based studio, Payson. While they strength not have the main catalogue of all the developers we offer here at Divine slots Casino, they’re surely making impression with their 50 game burly portfolios.

While it’s hard to pick just 5, we had the fortunate task of playing them all so we could advise the top 5 Playson UK slots casino games you can play right here. If you like your games with a dash of history, a dust of retro gaming and the ability to stack up some grave wins, then Playson is the developer for you. Let’s jump in!

Burning Wins

Looking for amazing a little old-school that’s certain to set your world on blaze? Well, seem no further because in at number 5 comes Payson’s Burning Wins Casino Slot. Base on a usual fruity, they’re not messing about with the name, these wins really are sizzling hot. And you’ll see fire throughout, particularly with those lucky 7s, wrap in beautiful flame graphics. Let’s get a look at the data rundown: 3 reels, 3 rows, 5 paylines, and min gamble: 10p Max gamble: £100 and RTP 96.21%. Playson have obviously used up a lot of time affectionately recreating the bold, primary colour visuals you see in customary fruit machines, as the graphics are actually beautiful – featuring lemons, cherries and those all-significant lucky 7s! We’re light on the other extra here, but we assume that’s beautiful much normal for a game that’s base on an old-school fruity.

Thunder Reels

We did say that Playson are a peak choice for retro-look slots online casino games, which is why our number 4 pick is in custody with the fruit machine vibe set by Burning Wins at number 5. The graphics are efficient somewhat and aren’t as true to the classic style as Burning Wins is, but that helps to provide the game its have self, and speaks volumes to the aptitude of the designer after these games. First up, the details: 3 reels, 3 rows, 5 paylines, gaming choice: min 5p, max £25 and RTP 96.13%. Thunder Reels Slots Casino clear from the numbers Playson has stay super-traditional. The gaming choice is something you’d surely find in a usual pub slot machine. If you’re look for enormous most bets then this isn’t for you.

Book of Gold: Double Chance

Every unreal manually a time traveller? Well, Playson have you cover. Out of all the developers out there, they in fact love their history-themed online slot site. So this was a truly tough one to prefer. But, in at number 3 comes, Book of Gold: Double ability Casino Slot, which takes place in a vast Egyptian temple, radically lit by shining candle light, gifted to expose riches from thousands of years gone by. There are many we could say about this, now famous game, but we desire to focus on a little of the highlights. First, the instability; its sky high so you’ll profit from nice large payouts. There are free spins and growing symbols so that makes for even superior wins if you’re enduring

Super Burning Wins

It’s the super-fied version of our number 5 admission! Super Burning Wins Slots Casino is one more typical fruity-style slot casino game and comes in at number 2. Super colorful, brilliant music and fast-pace base game play give this one and border over roughly any other fruit machine brilliant slot. But first, details time: 3 reels, 3 rows, 5 paylines, gaming choice 10p – £100 and RTP 96.27%. Fire is the theme one time once more and you’ll see all your favorite fruit machine graphics burning up and turning into change for you to load up your winnings with! The gameplay is easy and fast-paced; all you have to do to win a spin is game 3 symbols on a payline so you can play quick and angry on this exacting fruity! And it actually is all about the fruit; nab you anywhere up to 7x your bet when you match fruit signs.

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Legends Of Cleopatra

It’s the instant we’ve all been to come for… the number 1 game in our countdown of the best 5 Playson online slot offers. And that name goes to a new Egyptian themed romp – Legends of Cleopatra Casino Slot. Now, the mainly eminent Queen of the Nile doesn’t want anything to safe her as one of history’s huge legends. But Playson have work hard to give this game amazing actually special. Before we dive into precisely what makes this game so particular, let’s look at the well print: 6 reels, multiple rows (we’ll get to that later!), 100 paylines (wow!), and play from 20p to £100 per spin and RTP 95.05%. Those are attractive imposing figures, right? So what make this game so particular? Well, that strange ‘multiple rows’ is where it all gets attractive.