Over the last couple of years, slots have evolve so much that it’s scary to keep up with what’s new in the market. Sound effects, graphics, and animation have developed to a some slot games feel like movies. Really, today, if a slot was free lacking a bonus round, the world of punters would review it negatively. Gamification is the force behind all these mega change.

Gamification, in the context of slots, refers to the opening of interesting and customizable skin that blends in with the usual game play of a slots game. The principle and game rules of the slots game remains the same, but the game play is enrich with charming features such as bonus round storylines and tournaments.

The main goal of slots gamification is to make them more fun and exciting to play. This is done by setting goal for slot players to attain, leader boards to complete, tournament to win, opportunity to socialize and more. All these characteristic of gamification makes playing online casino games more interesting. Gamification in slots can also get the form of mini games, a lucky charm who gives you hints and useful tips throughout the game, addition levels to a game and so on.

Types Of Gamification

Slots game developers have been busy scheming sole slots games that stand out from the rest of the games. This has been achieving using gamification skin which includes:

Foreword of a story line whereby punter has to follow a certain story to unlock rewards such as bonus rounds and free spins slots. Following a story line also encourage punters to achieve exact goals and overcome some milestones thus playing for longer periods in the slots.

Slots with different game levels where move on up to a certain level provides one with exact rewards and bonuses. Players climb up the levels by winning sure missions, adventures and goals.

Condition of loyalty or complimentary points when one achieves confident requirements, an example being reaching a sure deposit limit to join the VIP club. As well, playing certain slots games earn you free spins or usable points.

Leaderboard and slots tournaments where players compete while being forced to play more to win and get bonuses and rewards.

Use of customizable graphics, animations and game cipher to suit the player’s preference as well as music to party a win.

Use of sole in -game currencies such as gold coins and seed when one wins. These rewards can then be redeemed for bonus funds, free spins and special online slot bonuses.

Best Online Slots That Utilize Gamification

With the rising struggle for players, the best new UK slot sites online are adopting gamification to draw new punters and more so, to sustain their customer base. In our informed opinion, Divine slots are the best gamification casino for UK players. The websites are among the early on adopters of gamification and they are qualified to operate in UK.


Most online slots are waking up to the realism that they must go an additional mile in order to retain their punters and draw more players. This is one of the reason that gamification has become a well-liked option for game developers. In the coming years, wait for many more attractive features and alteration on most of the classic and new slots games.