Slot machines are no more limited to pubs or casinos. These games have been modified and improved for the digital age in recent years, and are now widely available at new online casinos sites of UK 2017 all across the internet. These online slot sites offer games from classic casino-style to funky slots with animated images and cartoons, numerous options are available for every age group.

There might be a lot of newbies who are not familiar on how to play these games when entering first time in new slot sites UK of 2017. This blog will cover important topics like working of online slots and important terminologies which a beginner level user should know while playing at these casino sites of UK.

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Various ways to win while playing at Slot Sites

Whether you are an experienced player or a newcomer playing at a casino at some point during your lifetime or not, you must be little bit familiar with the basic working of classic slot machines. Not a problem if you are not as we are here to help you. These machines contain three separate reels, all displaying with a variety of different signs. The user places a bet which can vary from game to game and pulls the lever afterwards, which will make the reels spin. If the reels land up in a position so that where a combination of three same symbols comes up in a line which is also known as payline, the user will win. Different patterns will offer different prizes to the user. This is one type of pattern.

Other patterns can be:

  • Sign of Patterns forming in a horizontal line
  • Symbol of Patterns forming diagonally
  • Symbol of Patterns forming in zig zag lines
  • Filling of Wild Symbol as a Missing Sign
  • Scatter symbol giving cash prize or bonus game
  • Free spin will give a chance to players to spin the reel free of cost

Advantage of Playing at New Online Slots Sites of UK

These sites are little bit different as compared to classic slots and are significantly more advanced and innovative in its own way. It offers players extra ways to pick up big prizes.

  • Many of the online slots offer five reels instead of three. While some players think it can be bit complicated. But these actually provides players with more options to win big cash prizes.
  • The more number of reel will offer more options for pay lines too. Several classic machines will simply offer prizes for a pattern of symbols which comes up in a horizontal line across the reels, whereas online games offer anywhere between the 9 to 25 pay lines. This provides users with an enormous variety of alternative ways to win, with winning patterns that consist of horizontal, diagonal, or in zig-zag shape.

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Important Terminologies

Some very terminology which every user should know when playing at casino sites of UK are “Scatter Symbols” and “Wild Symbols”. They are pretty simple to understand. Both of them are used in most online slots games of UK, but their usage is quite different.

  • A Wild Symbol is used in a situation that can fill up the missing symbol place when you are only one sign short of a winning pay line. For example, if you have four winning symbols in a row but fifth one is missing, then a wild symbol will work as a substitute–and will make you a winner!
  • A Scatter Symbol will give the online players with a pre-defined-prize. Suppose if the reels roll and if this sign comes up, then the users will receive a certain cash prize or will enter into a bonus game – where they will get further opportunity to win supplementary prizes. Scatter signs have numerous shapes and forms depending upon which online slot you play.
  • The last but not the least is “Free Spins” term. Several Free Spin casinos games may contain this function, which will give the opportunity to its players to spin the reels absolutely free of cost without having to place a wager. Any prizes picked by the players will be theirs.

Now that you are familiar with the important terminologies, we can recommend you some of the best mobile casino games of UK which users can explore. They are mobile friendly sites and easily be played on most of the mobile devices. Some of them are Play Club, Fever Slots, Iconic Bingo, Volcano Bingo, The palaces Casino etc. Give them a try today and enjoy the best gaming experience ever.