New statistics facts released from the UK Gambling Commission confirm that online casino gaming is rising in popularity. We will discuss why online casino gaming marketing is growing rapidly.

According to new data released by the UKGC, It consists of all kinds of online gambling, from slots to lottery tickets and even sports betting. The casino industry is also a major supplier to the UK economy, employing more 106,000 natives, mostly through the online casino platform.

What’s attractive to observe is that while the overall online casino spend may have gone down somewhat, the percentage of online to offline casino is going up with an boost of 3%. It would show that more and more players are taking their casino online instead of spending time at land base casinos, online slots, sport betting and bingo halls.

UKGC figure out some old data, including a 2% down in the number of land base casino or betting in Britain. There are land base casinos going down in a few years. It’s obvious from these marketing statistics that online casino is growing in popularity, and it now has above 35% of the market share of all casino gaming types.

Why is online casino gaming growing in popularity?

There is some potential cause behind the stable increase in popularity of best casino online uk (including all of online gambling like online slot, but also sports betting, bingo and other games like scratch cards).

 Idea of playing Online Casino

By far the most accepted online casino activity is online slots, with the UK online slots market worth a massive £2 billion according to the statistics.

Technology Development:

With modern developments, mainly in Smartphone technology, online casino has never been more suitable and reachable than it is now. Where online casino used to be a laptop base computer activity that you did only in your home or perhaps at work if you could get away with it, that is absolutely no longer the case. Online casino games can now be accessed anyplace there’s a mobile internet connection, making it an ideal activity for the morning commute, or for traveling in the bus or metro. This is only going to carry on with more and more app casinos opening up.

Increased Competition:

There are so many online casinos out there that rivalry to be a focus for players is vast. This has led to casinos rival to offer the best spin & bonuses and the best variety of games. This is big news for players. If you recognize where to look you can pick up some great deals that you wouldn’t be able to discover at a land-based casino.


Online casinos are accepted with female players who might not essentially feel easy walking into a land base casino alone at night. Actually, the number of women choosing to play online is so big that we’re seeing an rising number of new casino sites uk 2020 and slot sites that are specially tailored to female players.

It’s obvious from the newest statistics that the online casino market isn’t going wherever any time soon. With the profit of convenience, flexibility and plenty of player-friendly bonuses and deals, why would you want to play wherever else?