At present, Macau is one of the major Chinese cities where gambling industry is flourishing successfully. The city hosts many casinos and companies including Sands China Ltd, MGM China Holdings Ltd etc. The city has nearly $33 billion casino industry which is now facing some serious challenges due to the recent plan to allow gambling on the Chinese Island of Hainan. Chinese government authorities are planning to allow gambling and betting on Hainan Island due to which a huge transformation in the gambling territories of China would occur soon. Currently, Macau has a big number of mainland players and has hundreds of casinos. It basically is the only one city to offer high number of casinos. However, if gambling and casino will come to Hainan, then Macau will face these top challenges. Here are those challenges.


First of all, the competition will rise in terms of destination and gambling. Hainan is often considered as China’s Hawaii for it’s plush white sand beaches. It will surely attract more tourists not only for gambling casinos but also for it’s beauty. It is therefore a serious challenge for Macau gambling industry and operators.

Secondly, many reputed online casino sites UK operators have already planned to expand their casino halls, rooms and infrastructure to give state-of-the-art services and experience to gambling lovers. However, the plan might become risky investment if Hainan draws away visitors. Recently, Las Vegas Sands has invested around $13 billion in Macau since 2002. It is also planning to spend $1.1 billion in a revamp to bring a London-based resort. Likewise, MGM Resorts International is also planning to open Cotai property very soon this year. Along with that, many gambling operators are also planning to create more family friendly attractions to pay attention to Chinese recreational gamblers. Hence, a lot of investment plans have already been done that would surely get a hit after the execution of this plan.

Thirdly, allowing gambling casinos on the mainland would help Chinese authorities to control capital outflows and to make sure that gaming revenue benefits the provincial economy on the mainland.


Fourthly, if Hainan would get casinos and gambling halls then the competition will surely rise. The global competition will increase as one new destination for global gamblers and operators comes into the picture. Many operators are already seeking more destinations to expand gambling services and operations. Hainan is already a tourist destination which makes it more catchy option for gamblers and operators. Japan is also planning to introduce new casino sites UK resorts in major parts of the world. Hainan will surely be one of it’s prime locations after this update.

It is also an important fact that the bulk of Macau’s gaming revenue comes from Chinese tourists. According to the recent facts, over 2 million visitors come from the mainland contributing to the revenue to a great extent. Thus, this new update will surely change the gambling equation in China in coming days. So these are the major challenges that Macau gambling industry will face after this plan.